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The Cruz Fire is my go-to training tool to give roping lessons and train rope horses. I like giving lessons with the Cruz Fire instead of other machines because the legs sit closer to the ground, so you have to have the basic fundamentals correct in order to rope it - it forces you to put your bottom strand down and keep your hand down. I have seen an improvement with my students since we switched to the Cruz Fire. You can't cheat it!

- Shad Chadwick, NFR Qualifier

By far, the Cruz Fire is the best roping dummy by price on the market. I have had mine for over 2 years and its in as good of shape today as the day I bought it. I couldn't justify paying twice as much for a dummy and didn't want someone else's used junk. I'm excited to try the new Elite model upgrades too. Thanks for making an affordable choice for those of us with limited pockets! 

- Jeremy Spivey

We got the dummy and it is absolutely what we wanted! Its amazing to rope. We have had other dummies, and hands down this is the BEST! So glad we decided to give the Cruz Fire Elite a try! Also, a major plus, it does not pack down our arena like other dummies! The legs give the best heeling practice too! We love it! 

- Kelly Winsor

We have been loyal users of our Cruz Fire for over 10 years, and we are excited to now get a second machine to use in Montana.  

- Dewaine and Linda Carlsen

We got our Cruz Fire 2 years ago and it has been a great machine. They are very durable and versatile. My son has made leaps and bounds using this machine to learn to rope. I use it to work my young as well as older rope horses. I would recommend this machine to anyone. 

- Ben Pearce

I just wanted to thank you for taking great care of us. Received everything yesterday, all was great. Definitely will pass your name on to friends and family! 

- Nancy Fenty

Bo, I sure like my roping dummy. Not hard to assemble and I got to play with it today! Thank you, 

- Russell Robinson

The Cruz Fire is an amazing tool to have. We use it to keep our good horses working good and to start our young ones right. Its just as good as all of the other training dummies out there but is more cost effective. I love the Cruz Fire and recommend it to everyone out there!

- AJ Lutz

This is an awesome roping dummy! This evening me and Louie Sells cracked out the Cruz Fire Elite and I was 100% satisfied with my practice on the roping dummy!! 

- Kevin Yazzie

I've owned this machine for a couple of years now and don't have a single regret. Great product for a great price. 

- Matt Chandler

Easy assembly! Super pleased with

it! Thank you!

- Rod and Kat

Love the Cruz Fire. It works awesome. I've been pulling it with a lot of our young colts we're starting and with the gator. We haven't had any issues with it so far. Everything works like it should. 

- Travis Stone

I have had my Cruz Fire Elite about a month, it's great! I get a good consistent practice. The Cruz Fire's workmanship is outstanding and their customer service is great!

- Tony Anderson

I emailed asking if Cruz Fire for a replacement horn for an older model I have, and I got a response immediately. I only asked for 1 horn and upon opening my shipment the set of horns was in the box along with the horn springs and all at no cost. I can’t thank you and everyone at Cruz Fire for your outstanding customer. Cruz Fire dummies are the best out there. Once again thank you very much for everything.

- Jose Pena

The assembly went very well, I used the PDF instructions and had it together in about 45mins. Based on the quality (high quality) of your product and your competitors price, it is extremely well priced. As referenced in our previous conversations it was a Christmas gift for our kids. Since December 25th we probably have roughly 40-50 hours of heading and healing time already time on it. 

- asked to remain anonymous

Hi Jenny. Yes thank you very much for checking in. I love it, its the best roping dummy I could have bought. It's all you said it was and more!

- Larry Cross

I have had my Cruz Fire about a month, its great. I get good consistent practice. The Cruz Fire workmanship is outstanding and their customer service is great. 

- Tony Anderson

The Cruz Fire Elite is working Awesome!  Easy to put together.  Legs come together nice, no kinks in my rope.  Big time plus compared to some of the other dummies out there.  Definitely would recommend it to anyone.

- Rhett Yoder

We bought ours last fall. Couldn't be happier with the product for the price. With my 4 year old son it helps to have good safe equipment to practice with too. 

- Chas Ophus

LOVE IT! Been roping every day we can, assembly went well and it’s been awesome to have. Once we get rid of all of our snow I will definitely get you a few pictures and a video clip for the website! Thanks again!

- Zach Wilkinson

Love the machine! Wonderful people to work with!

- Janis Huggler

I love it! I think, from a heelers prospective, it's one of the best I've roped and I've roped them all. My husband and I put it together in no time at all. I've roped it almost daily and I'm very pleased with it. 

- Claudia Conger 

Thank you for checking in on us. Assembly was painless and simple. We have had a wet spring so have not roped it much yet, but I am impressed with the value. My kids have progressed in leaps even with the limited time on it.

- Beau

We got our Cruz Fire Elite in about a week ago and have roped it several times. It's everything we hoped for and more for a lot less money. This machine is going to make better ropers and better horses. We've told our friends and they are interested in getting a change to try it out. 


One of my son in law’s who is an avid team roper, loves it. He ropes it three or four times a week. When I first discussed buying a roping machine he was thinking of other machines (the expensive ones). When I told him I was buying a Cruz Fire at first I think he was skeptical but not any more.  He believes it will help him develop good rope horses and ropers because it has every feature needed to make good practice runs without wearing your horses and cattle out. We’re sold on the Cruz Fire.

- Joe

Just want to say thanks for the excellent service in our purchase of the Cruz Fire, it went together with ease and once it warms up in MN it will be used frequently!


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