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We are under new distribution starting January 10, 2022. To order or for questions please call (480) 476-6268. We do not have a buy online link at this time. Thank you! 

Cruz Fire Roping Machine Roping Dummy

The Cruz Fire Elite was introduced in April of 2018. The original Cruz Fire has been on the market over 10 years but earlier this year is no longer in production when we rolled out the new Elite model, with features everyone has been asking for! See below for an entire list of features - but the biggest upgrades include:


A removable body that can be used a heading dummy 

Legs that can be roped both stationary or hopping

Two different sets of legs for a customized practice 

Easily removable horns with a breakaway insert and longer tow bar for calf roping or breakaway practice! 

Now Featuring
easily removable horns for breakaway or calf roping practice!
Check out our
Tutorial Video page for more info! 

Both The Cruz Fire Elite and Original

Cruz Fire feature both a tire and skids for stability and maneuverability. The Cruz Fire Elite has added skies to prevent wear. (see images on the right).

Here is a full list of features which are found on the new CRUZ FIRE ELITE: 


Cruz Fire roping machine, roping dummy

Head tilts to simulate a real steer
Horns collapse to release your head rope

Cruz Fire roping machine, roping dummy

Ground driven dummy to practice your timing. Or, easily disengage the belt, attach the spring and set your legs in a stationary position.

Cruz Fire roping machine, roping dummy

Heavy duty metal spring which allow for the legs to come together when you dally

Team roping dummy, heeling dummy, heading dummy

"Training Legs" are blockier, and sit wider. They allow for your rope to slide off. This is great for young horses just learning about taking a hit, older horses who you don't want to take a jerk often or young ropers learning to dally because its less likely they would injure themselves in their dally. 

Legs can be set to rope hopping or stationary!

Heading dummy, removable body

Roping machine and heading dummy in one with the new removable body feature

team roping dummy

Shock absorbing spring in tongue

Roping dummy, roping sled

Removable and replacable skis for added stability and reduces wear on skids

Team roping dummy, heeling dummy, heading dummy

New "Competition Legs" are molded more like a real steer's legs, and allow for a strong dally. Legs come together when you dally.

Legs can be set to rope hopping or stationary!

Light weight and balanced - the Cruz Fire Elite can be pulled with a smaller atv, 4-wheeler or even a horse! See our video on the Cruz Fire being pulled by a head horse...



Pick up locally in Snowflake, Arizona

Pick one up from T&R Feed and Rope Center in Gallop, New Mexico

We also have a dealer with assembled dummies ready for pick up in Viking, Alberta, Canada

We now have a dealer in Australia! Ask us for more info

Pickup location in Snowflake, AZ.

Call (480) 476-6268 to place order & for shipping rates



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