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Below are FAQs if you are interested in the Cruz Fire. If you already own a Cruz Fire and are looking for trouble shooting or assembly tips and tricks click here. 

Does the Cruz Fire come with a warranty?

Yes, all Cruz Fire products come with a one year warranty. If anything goes wrong with any Cruz Fire product in the first 12 months of ownership simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

After the 12 months, if you need any replacement parts please contact us, we will be happy to make sure you have everything you need. However in the years of selling the Cruz Fire dummies we have never had an issue with failing parts. 

How do you change the legs on the cruz fire or make it go from hopping to stationary?

A video showing you how to change the legs to go from hopping to stationary can be found on the Tutorial Videos page, and will walk you through the process. To have the dummy in a stationary position to rope, simply remove the body, loosen the belt and place your spring in the designated hole. Please see our Tutorial Videos page for more information.

Do you still sell the "old model" of the cruz fire?

We are no longer making or selling the original Cruz Fire model. If you are interested in one, let us know, we sometimes get them in when people ugrade to the new Elite. 

what is the difference between the leg options on the cruz fire elite

See our Tutorial Videos page to watch a video describing the difference between the two sets of legs. See our Demo Videos page to watch the Cruz Fire Elite in action and see the difference in the two legs. The Competition Legs allow you to dally and take a hit with your horse. The Training Legs the rope comes tight, then falls off, which is great for training colts, beginners learning to dally or horses who you don't want to constantly take a hit. (Also great for the 4-wheeler driver who doesn't have to get off to take your rope off the dummy!) 

Starting October 1, 2020 all Cruz Fire Elite sales will come with both sets of legs included! 

How much does the cruz fire elite weigh?

Estimated weight of the Cruz Fire Elite is about 185 pounds.

What is the maintenance required on the cruz fire elite? 

The Cruz Fire Elite is pretty much maintenance free. There are 4 grease zerks found on the Cruz Fire. One on each wheel bearing and two on the body. Greasing as needed is recommended. The two in the body come greased upon delivery, the ones at the wheel are recommend to grease when you receive your machine. 

There are two small set screws holding each green bearing onto the axel. Over time, those could loosen. Tighten with an allen wrench as needed. Tighten any other bolts over time as needed with 9/16" socket. 

Why is it said the Cruz Fire Elite makes you "rope right"?

The legs on the Cruz Fire Elite sit very close to the ground. Unlike others that give you a huge gap, that narrow window makes you put your bottom strand down. It's hard to cheat when you have such a narrow space! 

Why is this dummy so much less expensive than others on the market? Is it made cheap?

Not at all. This dummy is quality made by hand. We put our dummy up next to any other in quality and durability. We even have metal springs in the legs and horns, not bungy cords like other dummies. 

These are less expensive than others on the market for a few reason. 1) we do not pay any Pro ropers to endorse our product, which can be very pricey!  2) We limit our marketing and focus on less expensive marketing such as online ads and word of mouth (ask us about our referral program!)  3) We mainly sell direct. The few dealers we do have, we truck the dummies in so they don't have to pay freight - therefore, keeping the price down for the customer!

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