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Its important to watch the video, then also refer to PDF instructions if needed. 
Have a couple blocks of wood handy or something to help prop up the skis during assembly
Careful not to tighten any bolts until it says so in the instructions. Tightening prematurely will make assembly harder. 
Pay close attention when attaching the skis. They must be swapped around and rotated. Watch that carefully in the video.
Do not hesitate to call with questions or for assistance.

A battery impact will be faster and easier than a socket and wrench but not required. 

Set aside 1 hour for assembly.
Two people make assembly easier but not absolutely necessary.
See below for Trouble Shooting Tips


The spring hitch can be used with a pin receiver or small ball receiver (see pics below). Simply turn the hitch on its side to use with a ball receiver, it will slide around the narrow part and be held secure by the hitch pin.
Make sure the hitch is either level to the ground or going uphill towards your atv. Going downhill to the atv will cause the skis to dig into the ground more. If needed use a drop receiver hitch and turn it upside down.
If using a pin hitch, we recommend cutting a piece of PVC pipe to fit the gap, it will reduce the amount of movement and noise. 


The tire is off the ground 
Your skis are on wrong, flip them around left to right and right to left. 

The body won't come off

Put the legs at a 90 degree angle, straight towards the ground. Lift up on the pin, wiggle the body straight forward until you hear it disengage. Then lift straight up. The first time is the hardest. After that is should remove much easier. For future removal, always make sure the legs are at 90 degrees and if possible have it hitched up or stand on the skis. Tutorial video can be found here. 

The skis are off the ground
Let a significant amount of air out of the tire. The skis are more of outriggers than a way to carry the weight. The weight will be carried on the tire, and the skis are used to balance the dummy.

The belt is not tight enough, when I rope it sometimes it slips and misses a hop

Adjust your tension bar. Even though we say the tension bar should be all the way down, if you bring it up a bit, it will hold the tension tighter. Move it around until you see the placement the belt is the tightest, then tighten the tension bar to stay in that position. Usually that is 3 inches or so above being all the way down.

The legs won't hop

You either don't have the belt around both pulleys with the tension bar in the correct position, or you have tightened the bar that drives the legs too tight. The bar that drives the legs should be hand tight only. If tightened down with a wrench, it will prevent the legs from hopping. 


The skis seem to be digging into my arena

Your hitch is too low. Use a drop receiver hitch and turn it upside down, so the hitch bar is either level to the ground, or going uphill towards the atv. Going downhill towards the atv will increase the amount the skis dig into the ground. Also, if pulling it without the body on, it will dig in the arena more because it needs the weight of the body to level the dummy. 

It seems to be loud and clanky when we pull it

If using a pin hitch, cut a piece of PVC pipe to fill the space. It will reduce the noise and motion significantly. See picture on the right. 

Another question? Please give us a call, we are here to help!



Check out our Tutorial Video page on more videos you will need - such as changing the legs to stationary and how to take the body off easily. 

Also, call us anytime! We are here to help and support you! 

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